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The Greencoats was formed by singer and songwriter Ramo Spatalovic with exciting backgrounds from the more shoegazing and psychedelic parts of the Gothenburg pop and rock jungle. With musical experiences from those bands (playing drums in Franke and Bolywool, guitar in Douglas Heart and singing in Maison Blanche to mention some), The Greencoats' melodic nerves is a result of Ramo's own words and own music.

The band's psychedelic shoegazing-related rock mixes up with a big portion of the early 90:s Britpop with roots in the English 60:s and 70:s guitar pop. With Ramo's energetic voice on top, the result is nothing more than amazing and unique. On some tracks, Malin Dahlberg (Douglas Heart, We are soldiers we have guns, Laurel Music) does co-vocals to add another dimension of harmony.

This is how Ramo explains the process in which The Greencoats were born:

"Under the influence of Jess Franco, Soledad Miranda & Jean Rollin I had the urge to compose fragments of those 60's & 70's movies I was inspired of. As time flew by & the lack of interest for my other projects The Greencoats finally got the spot in my heart it deserves. At the same time silence was a 1 priority..."

Track listing: 

1.Satans Roller Coaster Ride
2.Away In A Dream
3.A Photograph Of Memories
4.27 Soon In Heaven
5.Cant Find The Time For Us
6.Behind The Wall Of Sound (The Velvet Underground)
7.There Is No Way Back
8.You Threw It All Away
9.The Northern Devil (Revisited)
10.The Cat-Man
11.Stay A While

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