PROCESSION (12" Vinyl)

Air Cav

Release date: 

Follow-up to 2011’s debut album, Don’t Look Indoors on Crystalline Recordings released on 18 May 2015.

Past commentators have noted that though Air Cav live and work in the city, a city so famed for its musical output, they have never appeared of the city: never a band to claim current trends as their own, not ones for striking up allegiances with other of-the-moment bands to declare a new movement.

The band ploughs its own furrow. It always has done.

So now, three years and two weddings on from the release of their debut, Air Cav returns with Procession, an album that takes a look at the city from the viewpoint of the biased bystander. At its heart is the event that engages us all, the carnival that appears on the horizon, takes us in and captivates our senses, leaving us bereft when it departs.

Track listing: 

1.Blazing Like A Sun
2.Naked Flame
3.The Grinder
4.Red Light White Light
5.Kill Your Darlings
7.Delayed Bass
10.No Corner To Cower
11.Crystalline (Dawn Chorus)

Price: £14.99