Ghost Without Saying


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Culkin is Jonas, Matte and Joel from around the capital of Sweden who fueled by their love of post-hardcore noise and classic pop set out to create their own brand of abrasive/delicate indie rock.They have an insanevpedigree of forgotten Swedish cult bands like Ellis the Vacuumchild, Brisco, Åbe and Mamma, Pappa, Barn. If only they tried harder, they'd probably be famous.

On their debut album, SEVERAL SUNDAYS (HAHA FONOGRAM 2012), CULKIN displayed a fine mastery of the sludgy Dino-tinged shoegaze dream-rock that they loved as teens. This record brought them to the attention of the Swedish music scene, rave reviews, some cool slots opening for the Lemonheads, a returning slot at the Northern Star Weekender, touring together with Youngteam, and gigging all over the place.

LOUDERTHANWAR - Culkin's impressive indie pop blast echoes Dinosaur Jr, Ride and Sonic Youth, but with very much its own playful and modern character.

SOUNDSXP.COM - Culkin seem hell-bent on resurrecting the roll of the six-string in the fight against the banal. [..] Their approach pays dividends, employing similar levels of distortion and virtuosity that made Sugar's 'Copper Blue' such a classic album.

Track listing: 

Side 1

1. Hernandez II
2. Headthread
3. Leave Me Out
4. American Dream
5. Burnt Lamb
6. Mechatronic Blues

Side 2

7. Biff Brew
8. Deceased Timber
9. Hell Is Love
10. Rio Grande
11. Love Is Hell
12. Hernandez I
13. Song For.
14. Might As Touch

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