The Young Sinclairs (CD)

Young Sinclairs

BIO: In October 2007 - Roanoke, VA quintet – The Young Sinclairs released their fantastic 11 song 60’s psych/garage/pop infused debut “Feel Bad”(Originally via the band’s Magic Twig imprint). The LP is a fine collection of recordings spanning from 2005-2006 , some of the Sinclairs earliest sonic explorations at the band’s Mystic Fortress studio. Several of the tracks later surfaced on the vinyl only album “Songs Of The Young Sinclairs” (Kindercore, 2009). “Feel Bad” is just a glimpse of where things began. Look for future reissues of the band’s back catalogue. As for the future, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Samuel Lunsford has already begun recording The Young Sinclairs next few albums, while bassist Daniel Cundiff plays in support of his other band Eternal Summers (Kanine Records) - You can find the rest of the members performing with various projects via the Roanoke, VA music scene.

The Young Sinclairs have been bringing their brand of psych/folk/rock (RIYL: The Byrds, The Essex Green, Rain Parade etc.) to the world since 2005 as part of Roanoke, Virginia’s the Magic Twig Community. The band features: John Thompson, Daniel Cundiff (Eternal Summers), Sean Poff, Jonathan Woods, and Samuel Lunsford (ex 63 Crayons). In their five years they have self released several full length LPs, EPs and cassettes. In early-mid 2010 the band released "We Spoke Our Minds E.P." (Planting Seeds ) and “Chimeys”(Chimney Sweep Records) to worldwide critical acclaim most noteably from UK magazine Shindig! – stating “The Young Sinclairs take the vibe of garage acts influenced by The Byrds and make it their own"

The Young Sinclairs have also taken their show to the road with high profile tours with Australia’s The Lovetones (2009), The Brian Jonestown Massacre (2010) along with dates with Sweden’s Dungen, Elf Power, to name a few....and so the trip continues.

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