The See See (CD)

The See See
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Having released four sold out 7” singles during 2009 and 2010, The See See at last unveil their debut album ‘Late Morning Light’ on Dell’Orso Records.

Though now based in London, the band members originally hail from locations as far apart as Malmoe, Detroit, Leeds and Auckland, and have previously played in such bands as Eighteenth Day Of May, The Soledad Brothers and The Waxwings. Their lead guitarist, Pete Greenwood, has also had a solo album out on Heavenly Records.

Aside from the single releases the band have also built up a following touring in the U.K with The Raconteurs and Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Highlights from the album include the latest single ‘Powers Of Ten’ which boasts four part harmonies by Bill Doss from Olivia Tremor Control, our personal favourite ‘And I Wonder’ and ‘Deceiver Retriever’ on which Keith Wood from Hush Arbors plays guitar.

“Psych-country pop that mixes West Coast 60s Americana, junked out 70s and the best of Northern England”

* "Eighteenth Day Of May alumnus Richard Olson matches Mavers and McGuinn for melody with part-time folk troubador Pete Greenwood clearly relishing the chance to bust out the Clerence White licks. The summertime tonic for your February blues" 4 STARS
-Time Out

* "channels the classicisms of Love-era LA with La's era Liverpool; the private press country-rock of Relatively Clean Rivers with the laconic, wasted drawled vocals of the junked-up 70s. It's all great, but the Beggars Banquet vibe of It's True is a highlight"
4 STARS -Record Collector

Track listing: 

Mary Soul
Tomorrow Come Today
Deceiver Retriever
Little Tease
Keep Your Head
It's True
Power Of Ten
Half A Man And A Horses Head
And I Wonder
Late Morning Light
Clap Your Hands And Shake A Chain
That's My Sign

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