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Psychedelica 1
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The legendary psychedelic compilation album brought to you by Northern Star. This direct descendant of Nuggets and Pebbles, is the best compilation ever made bar none. Forget everything you've ever heard before, this is Year Zero, Day Number 1. Prepare for the third wave of psychedelia..............

Featuring EXCLUSIVE and RARE tracks from Electric Prunes, Silver Apples, The Hiss, The High Dials, Floorian, Lovetones, Pioneer 4, The Telescopes, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Fuzztones, Snowdonnas, Stevenson Ranch Davidians, The Electric Mainline, Snowdonnas, The Black Angels and many, many more.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what the critics say:

Wonderfully eclectic double cd where the most obscure offerings are the highlights. **** UNCUT

You’ll be wigging out like its 1966! Dazed & Confused

Right from the start the album sparkles with quality brimming with atmosphere and confirming the fact that this kind of music is alive and well, with sparkling eyes and a manic grin on its face. Terrascope

Best kept secrets of the spangled underground an absolute gem it has to be said, no tat or fillers here just perfectly formed cornucopia narcotic ally enhanced nuggets for you to blissfully recline, chill and travel along the cusp of the minds eye to. You know you wanna hear it now! Losing Today

A well balanced selection of uppers, downers, spin-you-rounders and weirdly coloured ones where you dont know what to do with but take them anyway this is music for kids with their eyes rolled back in their heads and their heads in the clouds. Kitten Painting

A new double cd compilation featuring some of the best Psychedelic bands around Creation Records

Retro, fairly uncompromising but also has its fair share of classics an entertaining record packed with droning rhythms and literally overflowing with acid. Crud Magazine

An entertaining couple of hours Soundsxp

A lot of excellent melodies all very summer afternoon, laid back with swirling melodies and hooks gorgeously chiming guitars. To Hell With

Track listing: 

CD 1
1) Stars – Lovetones
2) On A June Morning – The Dolly Rocker Movement
3) Black Grease - The Black Angels
4) Getting By - The Stevenson Ranch Davidians
5) Anenome - Brian Jonestown Massacre
6) Tunnel Vision - HeadQuarters
7) Falling Down - Black Nite Crash
8) Cazzy - The Hiss
9) A Passing Notion -Daydream Nation
10) Dunwich – The Future Kings of England
11) Revealed - The Shrills
12) Hey You - The Otherside
13) Lovely Weather – The Vandelles
14) Last Night At the Rendezvous - Electric Prunes
15) Purple Egg – Silver Apples
16) Salem Witch Trial - The Fuzztones
17) In Slow Emotion - Floorian

1) I See Harmony - Pioneer 4
2) We Are Now - The Electric Mainline
3) Come Closer – Snowdonnas
4) Sick With The Old Fire - The High Dials
5) Gon, Gon, Gon - Say Jansfield
6) Givin’ Up – The Bleeding Hearts
7) First Dimension - The Bavarian Druglords
8) Winter #7 – The Telescopes
9) Eastern G – The Lazily Spun
10) Blood Red Dawn of Opium - Spacegarden
11) Hide Away - Fuxa
12) Bad Ways - Dedelectric
13) Amaze Me – On Holiday
14) Sit In The Sun – Dabenport
15) A Moment of Stillness – God is An Astronaut
16) If I Would Give My Life - Silvertone

Price: £9.99