Punk TV

Punk TV Space Shadows
Release date: 

2011 introduces the 4th album from Punk TV. Space Shadows contains collaborations with members of EMF and Lali Puna and sees them develop their sound into their most ambitious work to date. The initial pressing comes complete with DRUG TEST a collection of Punk TV remixes, featuring Punk TV's remix work of other artists including Asbo Kid (ex-EMF/ Elastica/Suede) and Northern Star's very own The Electric Mainline. Both bands appeared together on the 2009 compilation 'Revolution In Sound.'

Track listing: 

01. Phantom
02. Kobenhavn
03. Venom
04. Breathing Out
05. Parker's Beat
06. Solar
07. Take Control
08. Sid
09. Cinderella' Second Chance
10. Seeds
11. She Told Me Twice

CD2 (Drug Test: A Collection of Punk TV Remixes)
01. Punk TV - FM Sugar (2010 Remix)
02. Asbo Kid - Disco Sux (Punk Rock, Baby! Remix)
03. Craig Walker - Bright Lights (Big City Remix)
04. Би-2 - Bowie (White Techno Remix)
05. Bondage Fairies - Nv4.dll (Horse Penis Remix)
06. Mars Needs Lovers Feat. Ilya Lagutenko - Alpi Palmi (Dorado Remix)
07. The Electric Mainline - All Too Much (Overdrive Disco Remix)
08. Brittle Stars - May (September Remix)
09. Illuminated Faces - Damage (Ivory Dub)
10. Aerofall - Radiant (Hyperbolic Remix)

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