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screen vinyl image strange behavior
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Strange Behavior is the second full length from guitar/synth duo Screen Vinyl Image. While releases such as the Rude 66 split 7” and the Siberian Eclipse 7” released earlier in 2011 hinted on a tighter, more aggressive sound, Strange Behavior is the full realization and the next chapter for SVI. Songs such as “We Don’t Belong” and “Revival” come at you face first and expose influences ranging from 80s Cold Wave to Post-Punk. While the previous full length, Interceptors, depended more on mood and vibe, Strange Behavior relies on the push and pull of the songs. Songs like “Station 4” and “Rx” while very aggressive, sound as though they were made to be played at 2 am in a smokey dark dance club, recalling the best of Eleven Pond and early era New Order.

While the easy road for many might be to underscore their shoegaze tenancies, Strange Behavior steps away from those roots and comes off more as the Post Punk/Synth masterpiece Jake and Kim Reid have been plugging at for 4 years now. It isn’t a stretch to call this LP Screen Vinyl Image’s finest moment. From the mechanical dense daze of “Stay Asleep” to the pop synth sweetness of “Night Trip”, Strange Behavior moves yet challenges the listener in ways few records can.

Price: £6.99